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Focusing on just one aspect

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Tuesday, March 28 2023 at 4:16:31PM
In reply to I do not agree. posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, March 28 2023 at 04:06:03AM

Right now I use AI for programming mostly.

You seem to be focused solely on the generating art side AI. Assuming that AI can even generate 100% realistic little girls or people in general which I'm not sure of I doubt that's ever going to be a thing. Because if you are incapable of telling the art from the real thing that would mean that the AI is capable of generating feelings, spontaneity, personality, etc. I doubt many people are going to be ok with that cause it could mean anyone at home could create one and then torture it.

And if it's not 100% real there will be people that prefer the real thing. Most people I'm sure. After all I haven't really seen anyone that says a picture of a girl is better than the real thing.

But, that is just one very small aspect of AI you are focusing on. There is also the medical treatments it can make, the grunt work it can cut down on, letting people focus on creativity rather than repeating simple tasks.

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