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GC: Your Chat Has Returned:)

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 18 2023 at 7:11:11PM

Major thanks to "ISP" for caring enough to get the ball rolling. He saw my plea on Boy Chat and took pity while others simply scoffed at my girl-cooties love. Nothing would have changed without him.

PLEASE extend some gratitude and thanks to "techie", who may or may not prefer boys. He did all of this for free and was on this project with full dedication from the very start. He re-wrote Ralf to fix some old security vulnerabilities and it was a lot of time and effort spent. All of my little concerns were addressed quickly and professionally. Then he gave Ralf a sex change.

Please welcome Rylee chat!

It was decided for the time being to keep new chat registrations closed. This could change later or not. Everything else should more or less feel the same as before. As always, forward slash HELP shows you a list of commands. You will see chat is listed as "Open" on the board page. For now, chat will be left always open just as before unless something unforeseeable happens. Nothing has changed regarding PM's. Everyone can still use them as before.

Baldur has admin privileges, but no particular expectations were placed on him. If he has ghosted permanently, then someone else might end up receiving them.

00:35:31 user The_X-Phile unbanned
00:34:30 user THE_Wolf unbanned

Everyone go have a look if you wish. Say hi to the little beggar girl, but don't give her any coins. People might assume things.



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