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Why is it that when you try to learn new things...

Posted by griffith on Friday, March 17 2023 at 5:23:09PM

Why is it that when you try to learn new programs/devices, anything that can go wrong will definitely go wrong -- at first? (this feeling/experience is familiar to me since my first computer in 1989, and I am sure you all know what I mean)

I'm trying to pair my smartwatch with my phone... at last I got this far. But then: "pairing failed because the PIN number is wrong".

What fucking PIN number at this stage?

Sigh. A deep sigh.

Sorry, I cannot give you any details because I do not want to tell you the model of my phone or smartwatch. A friend sold me his little-used smartwatch at an affordable price, it was connected to his phone, because I did not have the app on my phone, but now that I managed to download the app (with superhuman efforts) I tried to pair these two devices... And this is the result.

If all fails, I can cancel the transaction, I will meet him next week, but this is still frustrating. Maybe he knows better how to pair these devices, he has more experience about this kind of things, I have myself lost my interest in new programs, net sites, computers, devices and whatever...

A question: can't I live without the smartwatch? Yes, I surely can. But once I wore it for two days, I become fond to it and I want that it will work.


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