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date king (wong) only if you meet...

Posted by Plyushkin on Thursday, March 09 2023 at 05:06:15AM

...your doppelgänger, not your mirror image.

No, I don't try to sound enigmatic or very intelligent, nor do I want to sound silly and confused.

I am just very unhappy. I cannot solve the main problem of my story (now the in-door sounds very promising, but it is at the same time extremely difficult). I should solve it before my death. This hasn't even have anything to do with ambition any more.

Anyways, where is the sinister side of your chess opponent? It is where the Queen is. The chess pieces are the mirror images of each other, not one side turned 180 degrees. Are you playing against your mirror image or against your doppelgänger? And Chinese can be read from left to right, or from right to left, and vertically? I am very unhappy.

I am very unhappy.

Oh crap. I am tired.


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