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So we have this new GC chat

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 04 2023 at 04:26:27AM

Or something.

It's hard to share much info when trying to wait for info.

So Ralf chat code was changed or something to be more up to date with safety concerns.

At the same time, there are supposed to be extra features if javascript enabled. Have at that, others. I don't do javascript for safety concerns.

There was going to be a wait of about 30 days for reasons I cannot disclose. I didn't know our host would disappear as well.

I never received permission to post the link to it, so I plan to continue to wait a total of 45 days to hear back from our host. Reasonable, no?

I am sad Baldur ditched. He was the other person to be given info (I had no part in choosing who our host give this info to).

Instruction was to look around the new chat and suggest easy changes. It's bright classic GC pink and I suggested a return to a black background to avoid burning people's eyes. Otherwise, it looks more or less the same.

Nobody who has posted on the board in the last... mmm... 10 years is banned. Only one person on the list is still posting elsewhere and they will be unbanned, although it is their choice to log in of course.

*shrug* Dunno. Having the chat and its memo feature return is a small convenience, but as someone else said, it doesn't mean much when nobody new can register a new nic at this site anymore.

Strange that our own sexual identity in the public space has gone from being blown up into the greatest societal panic, to being reduced to a way for shadow power brokers to blackmail politicians or simply remove anyone who may stand in their way.

But I suppose we all now see the real purpose that was behind the media pedo-scare panic of the early 2000's. The public is seen by these shadow powers as merely something to be used for their own dark ends.

In that regard, should this place now fade, at least those true child lovers who remain will be leaving with some opened eyes, if also some rather unsettling truths. If that's how it ends, well it's good to finally know thine enemies anyway.


• ( https link ) Still here tho..

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