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Hey, Warrior! About AI girlfriends

Posted by Dissident on Sunday, February 19 2023 at 9:21:31PM
In reply to AI "girlfriend" posted by The Warrior on Sunday, February 19 2023 at 5:06:07PM

As you have discovered, this type of AI tech is not quite "there" yet, and it's going to take possibly another decade, or at least another half decade, to become advanced enough that it can understand nuance and acquire enough "learning" capability to more fully simulate an interaction with a real person. I do expect the tech to become better developed, and even more popular, in the future as more and more people, particularly men, become lonely in a world dominated by a liberal mindset that ostracizes them just for being men (and then simultaneously complaining that birth rates are down, marriage rates are down, and men are starting to avoid women and "go their own way" after a decade of being told they are "creeps" for approaching them).

And of course, in the current climate, are you at all surprised that MAPs are deliberately given short shrift by not allowing relationships even with simulated AI LGs, or even AGs under the Magic Age? This further proves a point I've often made when people act baffled as to why entirely virtual CP is not allowed, or two adults on virtual world-building forums like Second Life cannot simulate an intergenerational relationship, when in both cases no actual minor was involved. These questions are asked by the rare number of teleio researchers who openly have compassion for MAPs or some activist MAPs themselves who are a bit naive about the expressed motives of antis.

It's not simply about keeping kids safe from sexual exploitation, or whatever they want to call it, as the pundits, moralists, and saviors often claim. If that was the case, they would be against a slew of commonly approved or tolerated policies that routinely hurt kids, which is never a major problem for society as long as it doesn't involve sexuality. What it's actually about is a moralizing attempt to protect the Western paradigm of Childhood Innocence, denying anyone the legal right or ability to "defile" that archetype or prove that a desire for intergenerational pairings is not nearly as uncommon as society tries to make it out to be (when you ban and censor its expression pretty much everywhere, it's easy to keep up that illusion). The fact that this hurts MAPs and leaves them lonelier than ever and leaves them no outlet of any kind to fulfill their natural desires is a fringe benefit to these individuals, a way for them to sadistically carry out their hatred while cloaking it in noble virtue armor.


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