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Those prevailing winds...

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, February 07 2023 at 03:02:32AM
In reply to It's ok posted by Butterfly Kisses on Saturday, February 04 2023 at 3:20:45PM

*thumb in the air*

So I'm not sure, what's the bigger crime? Is it what they were secretly researching in Ukraine prior to the invasion, or the feeling of complete invincibility to then funnel endless laundered money and weapons into it with zero money trails or any tracking of final weapon destinations, after the invasion?

I certainly hope (for them) that it is "only" the latter, because the distant earshot thru the grapevine on the former is an unimaginable level of evil if true, and will chill the entirety of humanity to its core should it be proven to be more than mere hinted wartime propaganda. We know or highly suspect already who that trail will lead back to if it is true, those of us nobodies who try to learn facts from all the different viewpoints, anywho.

It's so evil that they will start a global war just to attempt to hide it, should they run out of other options. They know what fate awaits them otherwise (if it be true). As one person I admire reminded everyone recently, "When all else fails, they send you to war." No greater truth about the method of mass-distraction exists.

Just one modest and fairly clueless outside observer's thoughts. There are many such modest and fairly clueless observers who are just observing the observational. There are many icebergs afoot these days.


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