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kidding of course.

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, February 03 2023 at 03:43:48AM
In reply to That's unfortunate posted by Godspell on Thursday, February 02 2023 at 06:16:39AM

There was a night some time ago when some of us were discussing biological aspects of sex for an age range, and someone who was not you or Nelly gave us a warning to not discuss the topic. Mind you, there was no discussion whatsoever of actual acts nor acceptance of such acts. It was purely biological curiosity.

I obeyed and didn't protest or even say a word. I just thought it was kinda lame, and just never went back when the unnamed host was there. That's just me, though. I know everyone is different and different vibes work for different crowds.

OTOH, I witnessed you deal with a different headache issue with more skill than I could have mustered, and to me it showed some wisdom, or at the very least a long understanding of the individual. So... it's really just about different moderating styles I suppose. Nothing wrong with it, and I've never experienced most of the hosts anyway.

All I was actually saying was, it's too bad I can rarely make the times you host. I will make the best of it anyhoo.


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