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"Girl Love Groundhog Day" - Film Idea.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, February 02 2023 at 04:10:34AM

And don't we all need a do-over sometimes.

So it's not my soap opera pitch that I've been working on (The Young and the Breastless - a hebe & pedo romance drama).

So a little girl tells a covert girl lover not to reach in for the groundhog, because the groundhog is dead. He doesn't listen, and she is proven right.

This film would probably relate to all the encounters we've had with girls that we lamented later... if only we had said or done x, y, or z.... but here we all get multiple chances to do the encounters over again with 20/20 hindsight. Of course, some of those re-do's would be disasterous, based on wrong purely hypothetical advice from other pedos or whatever, at times darkly leading to legal trouble. Sometimes though, sweet and honest bliss might ensue.

I think it would be a fantastic script-writing opportunity for ideas the public is absolutely clueless about, and even though it would be rejected out of hand anyway, I think the funny would be mined in plenty of different places, often in territories previously hungrily unexplored, and heretofore dangerously unmapped. Anyway:



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