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There's an issue of practicality too.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, January 31 2023 at 03:24:04AM
In reply to Yes, yucky adults. posted by LGsouL on Monday, January 30 2023 at 9:46:39PM

This mostly only becomes apparent later in life I suspect, or at least it did for me.

On the one hand, grown men are "supposed" to be with a woman. Those who are not, like it or not, are eventually deemed "odd" at the very least, most especially if others cannot place the "why" part of their singlehood. "No, he's not gay. No, he's not any of the other typical things that turn women off either..."

The question mark is a killer, no matter how well you may hide your true attraction. People will treat you differently when they struggle for a confirmed label to apply to you for their own peace of mind. This is important. I didn't make the rules, but that's how society is. One can even see this randomly in public. If you have a specific "look" that tells others basic stuff about you, they immediately place you into their own list of perceived categories of people and forget about you. When you do not have these easily identifiable characteristics, they zero in on you to try to "figure you out."

I know this is nothing new to many, but this wasn't always clear to me. I learned it in time.

So on the other hand.....

Why NOT have an adult companion who understands you? For one thing, it helps to place you into those easy categories mentioned above. On the other hand, a close companion is great to have for an endless number of reasons. It sucks to live alone forever. Life is far easier with someone who has your back. In my case, she is ideally female and cool with my loli love, and loves to cook me dinner! We probably don't have sex, but she gets me off with her food skillz. And once a week, she lets me have a play-date with a special girl and doesn't feel jealous, because she knows it's different from what we have.

Does she exist for me? Probably no, but I get why others may seek out adult companions. It doesn't mean they are copping out on their girl love to me in the slightest. Get older, and some of you will start to get my view.


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