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My post about her di'n garner any replies either:/

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, January 31 2023 at 02:43:54AM
In reply to GC is ahead of the curve posted by Neutrino on Monday, January 30 2023 at 2:14:00PM

Cangee must not be around lately. He was into all that prehistoric stuff, and pretty girls of course. I had him in mind when I posted it.

Personally, I'm surprised nobody took interest in a rare politically neutral topic with a cute lil blonde, especially one who's apparently science-oriented and said to be a little shy. Seemed to me like she would be a dreamboat to some of us, but GC can be fickle that way. You never really know what will be a hit or a dud. It was a pleasant story to me, and she was indeed a cutie:) I hope she goes on to be a great paleontologist if that's her dream.

Newt... Neut...

Hmm. Nahh...


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