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Female Delusion Calculator.

Posted by LGsouL on Monday, January 30 2023 at 9:55:02PM
In reply to My thoughts posted by Butterfly Kisses on Monday, January 30 2023 at 00:09:22AM

When I put my stats on there, I am in the top 1%. Being a healthy weight puts you at the top 25% of men already. I am a bit above average height which is nice, though not quite the elusive 6 feet. I make good money, which helps as well. Nice jawline and minimal hair loss (NW1-2). Thank you finasteride. My social skills with adult females, while improved over the years, still just lack the honesty really. Since most don't quite meet my standards, it is forced and they definitely sense it. I did like this girl, but alas for whatever reason she was uninterested (I assume). She was a single mom too, with an adorable daughter.

Still, even with all that, dating apps just suck. I never really use Tinder, too many fake accounts or obese boss bitches.

The others are better, but only marginally.

I agree, in person is best.

"""Also good on you to wait for her to reschedule. Don't ask her. """

Yup, too many dudes just get too thirsty. It's unattractive, especially if the infatuation hasn't hit yet.

I have a hard time dating near my age (30s). It just becomes too obvious they are aged (though the girl that I reference here is near 30, she has a very youthful appearance). I typically look 21-25. Under 21 just draws too much negative social attention and the girls usually get cold feet. Over 25, well, just ask Leo lol

It sucks too, because a late teen girl can be broken from woke indoctrination, hard to break that once they get through a lot of college.

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