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No circus do I own, but I do have one monkey.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, January 26 2023 at 04:05:49AM
In reply to We are sadly too noticed. posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, January 24 2023 at 05:53:54AM

It rides my back sometimes.

That post was referring to something "out there" in the wild. Feedback. A topic Baldur and I occasionally discuss witnessing. As a clearnet place, we are and have been referenced for many years. Sometimes positive or neutral, but much more often negatively and with free ranging insult. I'm not so sure that many posters here have ever even noticed. For those who have, it's a bit of a jostle that takes some getting used to, but you never *really* get over the power structure, its media, its entertainment, SOOO hungry for examples from such a "provocative" element that mostly hides in the deepest of shadows even when it breaks no laws... that it routinely zeroes in on such little places to glean anything it can to provide an element of truth or reality in its highly profitable schemes of promoting fear and drama.

We're normal people, the majority of us, just trying to tell the truth of who we really are, and these freakish moneyed entities descend upon our little places with the simple goal of expanding and embellishing wolf-myth labels to anyone and everyone attracted to a child, NO MATTER their personality or derived source for it, or ANY psychological reality of their personal character. And why? No... not for "saving society" or anything of the sort. Society itself can burn and rot for their chief officers. Power and MONEY are what our across-the-board demonetization provides.

What was I saying? Oh, just that my post not about anyone or anything here. Some people routinely need that reassurance wherever internet posts are made.

And that post failed, because I broke my own rule never to respond to any of what I see directed back to this place, and for that I am sorry. I will try to do better.

I am covertly upset about what I see approaching humanity too soon for my own comfort level, and not exactly perfectly equipped for a perfect response to what I wish I couldn't see. Dumbed-down distracted populations being slow-walked into the *ultimate* distraction of global war. I want, wish, hope, pray.. that I am wrong. Also, my health is suffering just a little, and my energy. Friends may cut me a slight slack. I am stupidly (weakly) sympathetic to the direction I see humanity going. My sarcasm ability no longer feels like it makes the grade.

Or something.

I will do what I can muster, but inside I want to scream it. The world is facing a level of evil many cannot and won't comprehend in time. It truly wears on my psyche and my physical health. Not the plotting part of the schemers, the oblivious part of the global population. Feel like we're so fucking screwed. (Apologies for the drama. I hate it even more than any of you.)

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