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My love life update. Trigger Warning: Adults

Posted by LGsouL on Sunday, January 08 2023 at 10:26:02PM

Trigger Warning: only adults are involved in this post. I know… ew…. Sorry Griffith ;)

I will refer to the mom as L and the daughter as P.

Being somewhat of a redpilled guy, single motherhood is a yellow flag to me (not red flag like most redpillers say). I like to know how the single motherhood came to be, this can turn it to a red flag, green flag or keep it yellow.

I found out P was born of an accidental pregnancy between L and her ex who had been dating a long time. There were plans for engagement, but as I have pieced together so far, he couldn’t handle the responsibility and left. L has taken care of her (with familial help) and during this time did well for herself. This is pretty much a green flag at this point. For me.

We have agreed to go on a date. Ill report back how it goes after it happens. We will be axe throwing and getting dinner/drinks. I havent been excited about a date for a while. Im liking what im seeing from our text convos so far.

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