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Tate is just a "Gnat",Like Nathan Larson Right?

Posted by starlet_Luver on Saturday, January 07 2023 at 5:06:59PM
In reply to If posted by manbot on Friday, January 06 2023 at 7:55:48PM

Manbot said that Nathan/Leucosticte was just a "Gnat" and Manbot wanted me to stop bashing the little "Gnat".

Manbot was correct about Nathan/Leucosticte being just a "Gnat." (/sarcasm off)

Manbot did not CARE to know about the pain that Nathan/Leucosticte caused the community that could have destroyed the "ENTIRE COMMUNITY" a decade and half ago. Nor did he know or CARE to know about the reasons behind Nathan/Leucosticte posting his madness on GirlChat at that time. NOR did Manbot CARE to know about Nathan/Leucosticte future actions that this monster was scheming on the many sites Nathan/Leucosticte had which we now know lead to this:

What Manbot (and others like him) CARE about is his nonsense about political clashes (where he wants his side to win), which in the end will not help us (MAPs). Because no matter who's the victor of that political clash, for that Victor's survival they MUST DESTROY US (MAPs). 

So Manbot does not CARE about championing things that matters to MAPs, read his words over the years and you can see clearly what Manbot really CAREs about.


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