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And I was waiting for yours :)

Posted by Dissident on Tuesday, December 20 2022 at 8:10:45PM
In reply to I was waiting for this response posted by lemondolphin on Tuesday, December 20 2022 at 09:58:38AM

It is no secret that I am strongly disliked here.

That tends to happen when you strongly dislike the community you suddenly start associating with. That is Social Awareness 101.

Figures. Men always dislike me as soon as I call BS on their self-aggrandizing nonsense, and start talking about preserving the dignity of women and girls.

When you hate a certain group of people, you are not likely to become popular among that group, nor anyone else from other groups who do not share your blind hatred. And talking about preserving the dignity of women and girls? No, you're seeking to preserve an image in your head that does not truly exist, to justify your own hatred.

Good thing you didn't meet me in person as a pre-pubescent child. I would have challenged you, questioned you, and insisted on you doing right by me.

Thus proving you had the agency that you claim girls (and even women!) do not have. Thank you!

And you would not have needed to "challenge" me, because I would have acknowledged that agency and treated you with as much respect as you treated me and other people. And since I am law-abiding, and more into teen girls anyway, we would not have had a romantic relationship. But I would have respected you as a person without being needed to be cajoled into it.

Most men here would not have stood a chance; they couldn't handle me. I would have run circles around them.

In other words, you, like many girls, would have been a walking contradiction of the Paradigm of helplessness and purity that you espouse as part of your political agenda.

It would have been a male exercise in sexual frustration and and futility.

If you proudly denied us "awful" men any sexual access to you, then it would have resulted sexual access to you. Or any type of romantic relationship, which you seem to think men are incapable of. In which case, instead of acknowledging that we respected your boundaries and backed off, you would then be calling us callous and shallow for not continuing to like you in that way.

Blame the anti-porn feminists like Andrea Dworkin, who claimed that women have a right to live with dignity and respect. I do, and I am GRATEFUL for them.

Your definition of "respect and dignity" is: No sexual expression. No doing anything that might satisfy horrible male sexual desires, even if it simultaneously fulfills female sexual desires and expression. Demand purity and when you meet awful men: deny, deny, deny, and claim they do not actually love you if there is any sexual element to their romantic feelings. Then complain when they no longer want you.


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