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The story of Ella

Posted by Dissident on Monday, December 19 2022 at 9:37:12PM
In reply to Anyone remember Ella? posted by Eeyore on Sunday, December 18 2022 at 8:11:35PM

I was friends with her, and she was authentic. She did indeed develop a "cult" of puppy dog followers, but she was resistant to this, and disliked being liked only because she was a girl and not because of who she was as a person and what she had to say as an activist. She was vocal about this, and one time shouted this fact to many in chat. She understood their loneliness and love of girls caused too many of them to worship at their feet, but her activism was serious despite her preferential attraction to adult men.

She eventually got scared off by Absolute Zero, and due to various developments in her personal life once she passed 18, she ultimately moved on from activism entirely (it had nothing to do with anything "bad" that anyone here ever did to her; she was always on good terms with the people she met on GC).

My opinion on RosesinHerHair is not as fond as your own, however, as she was too much of an attention seeker IMO, at least at first, and would be very selective in who she would give that attention to, thus resulting in jealousies and caused various incidents in Lifeline when she insisted on being overly "open" about things to everyone instead of just the GLer's, which caused the BLer's there who didn't want to hear it to complain loudly. She had her issues, and if she eventually worked them out, all the better. You jumped on me once many years ago when I pointed this out, which caused me to jump back at you...and which illustrates my above point regarding the drama she could cause. Was she very smart? Yes, that much I agree with, and she could have a level head when she was inclined and had some interesting perspective to offer when she wasn't in attention-seeking mode.


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