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Some perspective

Posted by Dissident on Monday, December 19 2022 at 9:17:31PM
In reply to Translation: Any1 evr invited entrapment attempts? posted by Eeyore on Sunday, December 18 2022 at 03:48:52AM

Long ago our age limit for posting here was 13, like many social media sites. It was changed from all the dumb horny or lonely guys pouncing on girl nics the instant they posted, and it didn't pan out very well for some of them. GC changed it to 18, mostly to save some pedos from themselves by being easily duped in this barrel of fish.

I am in basic agreement with the above, and with everything else you said.

However, let's be totally honest based on what we both recall from over 20 years of posting on GC, and back before we had the 18 year old age requirement.

In addition to the assorted faux individuals you pointed out, we also had more than our share of actual girl mesophiles who posted here, and were proven to be authentic. However...

A few of them, like Ella and Fayla, were proven real and were great activists. However, they were subject to constant hounding by anti vigilantes attempting to find out their real identities and report them to parents, their schools, and local police agencies to stifle their voices and get them thrown into therapy "for their own good". This is why you do not see more genuine underaged mesophile activists, and it's ridiculous for antis (including anti-choice MAPs) to claim that the powers that be would listen to them objectively if they made their voices heard. Some of us old-timers will remember the "Faylagate" fiasco.

But the majority of girl mesophiles we got were the underaged female equivalents of the "horny and lonely [pedo/hebe] guys" you mentioned: coming here just to get attention from adult men (that they had difficulty finding anywhere else online, or in real life), using their sex appeal to garner favor and attention on the board due to the loneliness and sexual frustration of most of us here. This would sometimes incite jealousies and pitting various adult male posters against each other, and focusing on one and then dropping him once they got bored of him and "moved on" to another, then hiding behind the "white knights" here who would defend them no matter what they did (and thus act as enablers to their behavior), thus causing all types of problems, potentially of the legal sort but most often of the social sort.

This is not to take away from actual activists like Ella and Fayla, and others like Tiger Girl who were here just to socialize (not for activism) but kept clear of the above drama. But the "lonely social butterfly attention-grabbing non-activist" type of girls were a problem, especially once they mixed with the lonely frustrated MAPs who frequent the board.

So, in short, while real girl mesophiles do exist in surprising abundance, and would be drawn here in fair numbers if the posting age restrictions were again reduced just as they were before, it could be difficult to figure out who was authentic or who fell into the faux categories you mentioned above, and all the usual drama and potential legal difficulties would ensue from those who were real, both with the legit activists and the lonely and frustrated attention seekers.

Sadly, while the voices of underage mesophiles would be a welcome emergence on the public scene and should be listened to, they need to find a place of their own to talk while understanding and managing the risks of doing so. In the meantime, the closest we can come on this board is to welcome mesophiles who are 18 or older to post here and give us support, and we have had several in the past.

Otherwise, I agree that with the advent of TikTok et al, "normie" teen girls would not likely have any interest in posting here, and if they did, all the same risks that came with the meso girls would still apply. For the immediate present, they need their own space for that, and the current legal risks to their freedom for doing so (as Fayla and Ella found out) make most of them consider it to be not worth their while. So like over the past two decades since the online world became what it is, they currently either complain intermittently or keep their desires secret until they turn 18.

I just wanted to make it clear that while what you said was essentially correct, Eeyore, the problem that we had in the past when the age restrictions were lower was not all on us, nor was it the sole result of the various poser categories you identified.


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