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Posted by lemondolphin on Saturday, December 17 2022 at 2:17:18PM
In reply to Not pedos… posted by LGsouL on Tuesday, November 29 2022 at 1:02:51PM

MANY child molesters etc. are child fetishists, these days. Blame the porn. Eventually, the thrill of even the most violent porn against adult women ceases to provide a kick. So, they migrate over the child porn.

Regardless of the cause, the fetishism of children is EXACTLY the reason I don't want pedophilia gaining acceptance or becoming mainstream. Right now, nobody wants to be a pedophile - NOBODY wants to be known as one. As soon as it becomes accepted - every teliophilic creep, weirdo, mental patient, or attention whore will come out of the woodworks to claim inclusion in the pedophile community. It will be a disaster for the children. Pedophiles are a very VERY small number of the population, and they (as a group) should stay insular and exclusive.
Look at what's happened to trans - this was a discreet group of mostly men who quietly went about their business. With the mainstreaming of trans - now every other person is trans and every f'ed up weirdo male is now "female". Women and girls weren't getting beaten and raped in prisons or the toilets, even though trans identified men WERE using them. But now, women are getting raped and impregnated in prison, because rapists have decided they are women now. Underage girls are getting creeped on, violated, and raped in their school facilities - by nasty boys who have decided to wear mom's make-up to school to get into the girls' areas. I expect something very similar to happen to little kids if pedophilia ever gains greater visibility and tolerance.
It's strange that the insult is 'pedo' instead of 'molester'. One would think that being accused of intent to molest little kids, is far more disturbing and degrading than being accused of being sexually attracted to them. But it is what it is. That is the word that most people use to mean a pervert who is creeping on little kids with the worst intent...that is the word that gives people the most visceral negative reaction, so that use of the word is here to stay.

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