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Princesses, Holiday Thread.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, December 15 2022 at 04:04:25AM

(A wholesome simple-girl-lusting and non-political thread.)

Feel free to post your links to actual real princesses, from any country, who are currently (or were) little girls. Obviously, there should be a photo of them. More points for a holiday-themed photo.

I guess I'll start. I've been like-liking princess Charlotte, ever since the clip of her getting to shake someone's hand in an official manner. It made her feel special, unable to completely hide the shy joy at her then tender age, and that captured moment just seemed to capture my heart. No cold-blooded reptilian lizard-spawn would EVER react in such a way. She is clearly and wonderfully human.

Well, she's a little older now. Apparently the photo in this link below is this year's official Christmas card sent out by her parents.

(Mine seems to have been lost in the mail:/ Oh, well.)

No worry. Stiff upper lip, I say! She is looking quite beautiful, having managed to avoid the visual attributes of her grampa Charles and his dad. (*Shudder & brow wipe.* Whew!)

I once had a bit of a thing for two blond sisters of Spain. They are getting a little older these days. Sincere thank you's are in order for the former double-fantasies.

Anywhooo.. I guess she's third in line behind her two brothers, so my hope for queen may never be in the cards. However, there is clearly a fabulous leggy royal ancestor residing in her DNA somewhere;) Eeyore like! All in good fun. I always wish them well, and safety navigating such a tricky life.


• ( https link ) Sigh.. what a pretty sweetheart:)

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