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Posted by Dissident on Sunday, December 11 2022 at 02:57:06AM
In reply to yes, not religion ... posted by Baldur on Sunday, December 11 2022 at 02:40:27AM

But that was chiefly an attack on prostitution, with attitudes about age only playing a supporting role.

Yup, which correlates with a major point of mine elsewhere in this thread: that one thing always leads to another. Prohibit one type of vice, and that leads to an expansion of this prohibition, all with the same moralizing platitudes behind it. And oftentimes when attitudes towards one type of vice are relaxed, vitriolic emotional disdain for another vice takes its place. All of which serve the purpose of allowing opportunistic moral crusaders to justify authoritarian control over the population. They know that as long as the public will accept one type, the justification for more stringent types of control in other areas can be made.

People go along with it despite what the lessons of the past should be teaching us because we are emotional creatures who are too easily led by targeting the heart strings. Every despot throughout history knew/knows that.


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