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PingL The Warrior re: social media outlets

Posted by Dissident on Thursday, December 08 2022 at 8:22:15PM

All I know, is that our community needs legal sexual outlets, or at least turning a blind eye.

Agreed, because we are human beings and not monsters, we are multi-faceted people who love & care about others and hence are not sociopaths, most of us live productive lives and are decent people, and the vast majority of us obey the laws to avoid all the problems it would cause for everyone involved if we didn't (e.g., our friends and family hating us, our younger lovers being forced into brainwashing "therapy", ending up in prison and being considered among the worst of all criminals). In other words, we agree to compromise with society being structured as it is (e.g., kids having no civil rights and most of society believing they should not, and the specific moralizing framework that influences both the law and social relationships) without causing a major ruckus (though eventually we should, albeit in productive and constitutionally friendly ways, of course).

However, because of the need for a societal fear totem and the deep-seated need to "other" a specific scapegoat (which changes from time to time with the political winds) to maintain our lovely status quo, we are hated and loathed so much that society insists that it's horrendously wrong to allow us even the most innocuous of legal outlets for our natural feelings. This is bolstered by the very strict cultural belief that people under X years of age are not supposed to be seen as attractive by adults or to have sensual aspects to their character.

I don't know how many people enjoy tiktok, Instagram, and other platforms, but there is a bevy of preteen girls dancing or posing seductively. Never nude, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Yes, it is clearly understood by young girls that they are attractive to a wide spectrum of age groups, and this is also very clear to the adults who manage and photograph young girl models and dancers that all forms of modeling and many forms of dance have an inherent aspect of sensual and even sexual expression to them. This is far too obvious to seriously believe that it's all meant to be "innocent" and whatever counts as "age appropriate" by our cultural standards by the adult managers, choreographers, and photographers, or that the girls themselves are naively ignorant of this fact.

However, the parents, management, and even the girls themselves are compelled by law and societal attitudes in general to claim umbrage with adults displaying this component of admiration for the underage models and dancers, or even young people on cam being themselves in ways that clearly implies an undercurrent of sexual/sensual expression or showing off their beautiful bodies by making a point to upload videos where they are in swimsuits, leotards, or other such attire. This is the case even if the only way the multitude of adult admirers of girls usually make their presence known on the online spaces of girl social media influencers is via the close scrutiny of viewer algorithms and of which particular videos are most "liked."

Of course, it's a popular form of virtue signaling and performative rage to score public brownie points for social media influencers who cover every conceivable topic from any conceivable political ideology to devote entire videos pointing out how outraged they are by what these algorithm studies are making clear, and how awful a phenomenon it is for kids to be "sexualized" in this manner. This pressures parents, managers, the girls themselves (if they create the channel or account on their own), and the social media forum administrations to claim they had "no idea" that this was going on and to close the channel and/or claim to be in on the moral crusade to "stop" the MAP attraction base from having any form of visual outlet, i.e., to quietly and legally admire young girl beauty and demeanor in a manner that is natural to us. What goes on in the privacy of our own minds and hearts is always of great interest to non-MAPs, who have a lurid fascination with it and an obsession with moral crusading and performative revulsion.

This is further escalated by the many internet trolls of all ages (including teens) who delight in making nasty and provocative comments on such channels. Most social media influencers have no motivation to identify trolls as such, but are more than happy to consider them examples of typical MAP behavior even though they known damn well how prevalent these trolls are all over social media.

Then there is the main reason behind this that our community needs to accept: the long-range consequences of most adult MAPs of the 1980's making the collective decision to go into mass hiding once the moral backlash of that era against 1970's liberalism started rather than standing up against it en masse. And, of course, there is the justifiable blame directed at the "vanilla" LGBT community of that era turning against us for their own expedience as part of their previously revolutionary politics being replaced by an assimilationist agenda to pander to the increasingly conservative liberals to emerge in that era.


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