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Michael Jackson Killed Himself.

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, December 05 2022 at 00:51:45AM

He was starting to take a "panthery" road with his last album, and it would not surprise me if one of his Propofol bottles had been tainted by someone supplied with a heart-stopping substance which would go undetected by local coroners. It would naturally be someone who either had upstairs access and general access to the bottles when Michael wasn't around, or accessed the bottles at some point in their transportation to his home.

I don't believe his doctor had anything to do with it, even if he unknowingly administered the life-ending bottle to him, and even though he was technically already committing medical malpractice by administering a drug for unintended purposes.

People who get powerful with influence over the public, and who do not tow the narrative lines of those masters in the shadows, tend to coincidentally lose either their status or their lives. History is littered with them. Elon asserting publicly that he's not suicidal knows this. Ye seems to know it on some level, although he is far more naive and vulnerable to being taken out at will, and far more expendable than Musk. Currently, the fact that the public views Ye as crazy or manic is probably saving his life, although not his freedom. That entire Jenner-Kardash-West family looks like a wierd social manipulation experiment asset to me personally, but whatever.

Watch and see how things go with Kanye. If another future forced psychiatric committal doesn't do the trick, and his influence and fame does not wane, then he, too, will cease to exist.

Michael signed his own death warrant when he started taking a political path. They couldn't take away his social power with the pedo label they had earlier hung around his neck with the help of the media and Hollywood, so "they" had to resort to their final solution.

I think it's as plausible an idea as any. So prove me wrong.

I see it.


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