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Victory belongs to the rightful owner, my friend

Posted by starlet_Luver on Sunday, December 04 2022 at 7:38:40PM
In reply to My message at VoA posted by griffith on Friday, December 02 2022 at 3:12:35PM

As I've hinted at for a couple of years and told you outright in recent months, this eEyore is not Eeyore.

This eEyore has needs that Eeyore has never had. Eeyore greatest strength was his beautiful weakness, which many (including myself) understood and cherished. This eEyore weakness (that is on full display) can be disregarded because his fears are covered with the clothing of lies and deceit, which lacks the beautiful nakedness of the fears that Eeyore showed. It is obvious that eEyore (and the other 6 GC members like him) do not grasp the importance of "knowing thyself" because he has chosen to cling to the enemies of his enemy to be his friends without thought or reasoning. (Ex.This eEyore said many times on page 2,3,4 that he did not understand this war. But yet he find excuses to cheer for the enemy of his enemy)
Eeyore had the ability to know oneself which he demonstrated with each tear he shared with you, with me, with GirlChat, and with the numerous communitie(S) before GirlChat that you and I have witness so many, many years ago.

This eEyore (and the other 6 GC members like him) engages in these behaviors in an effort to experience a fictitious sense of power and belonging. Such power he seeks does not exist with mankind alone. This eEyore (and the other 6 GC members like him) are tired of not winning and decided to join a team that has the false appearance of strength and power and believe that this team will be the one left standing, as if the true victor is being the one left standing in appearance. Our victory over this eEyore will be the kept treasures that Eeyore gave to us. Do not let this eEyore steal those treasures away from you. Parts of Eeyore strengths still flows inside of us, for we are still here, still celebrating the realness of Girl-Love. 

As our companion who name is TIME slowly prepare to wave its last goodbye on our journey together, we do not seek out a false sense of belonging or strength to defeat our enemy with enemies of our enemy to wear a false crown as our last steps.

For our last steps will be walking to have a crown placed on our heads by the creator becasue we shared the truth of LOVE.

Much Love 2u my old, old friend,

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