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I Love Pink Floyd!!

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, December 01 2022 at 07:15:15AM

A marine biologist once told me that's code for a whale's penis.


The older I get, the more I respect them and their content, and even their differences and battles with one another. I am hard-pressed to think this way of other bands of that time whose differences were mostly superficial.

I know most of their content, and marvel at it even when straight n sober. Seen all the films. Heard all the wonderful myth.

Sadly, my secret desire is,

I hope that "IF" they sell their entire catalogue,

that they at LEAST get double what my former disappointing idol Neil Young got.. (was it 720 million?) BEFORE HE DEFLATED ME AND TURNED INTO A TOTAL CANUK BITCH toward Joe Rogan. Ugh:( What a revealed sellout. Honestly crushed me.

You guys own his missing class. Or at least his missing talent and/or self-confidence. Seriously, what a baby.


U Guys are like:

A hottest-status famous underage gentile girl without observant parents!!!!

Don't make up with one another just yet please. Let the offers arrive. Truly.

Your bread-breaking becomes their bread-staking. Let them stake for a time. Make me approve but with laughter.<3


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