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Ukraine. More Than a Proxy War.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, December 01 2022 at 05:37:27AM

It is a blatant money-laundering scheme by corrupt politicians and those who control them, in western countries, assisted by other people in political positions, with blatant ties to weapons manufacturers. They are selling arms for which at least 2/3rds never make it to their intended destinations in Ukraine, and absolutely no account of their actual whereabouts is available. The same is true for western nations sending cash to Ukraine. It is not tracked in any way, and is not arriving at the destinations claimed to be intended. This is criminal MONEY-LAUNDERING making its way back to criminals in the West, and an absolute theft from the citizenry of the US.

So THAT's what I know of someone's noble little conflict whose feelings I am not supposed to offend here.

And yet I bit my tongue and still they bitch like a baby anyway.

Fuck them and the "feelings" of all the others I ever stooped to bow to and babysit. Not doing it anymore. Tantrum at will. I'm done.

Respect MY views, or dare to civil debate.

No... we know. You pull out the "Hitler" accusation, and then demand respect for yourselves anyway.

Give me a fucking break. Real or not, sooo done with it.


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