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Okay, Professor.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, December 01 2022 at 04:14:54AM

Lo, the triggers of so many others I've voluntarily bitten my tongue to entertain.

..on topics even actually important to me..

Let me count the many times, even here where I would have somewhat free reign to do so if I didn't give the slightest shit about others. We've always had plenty such people in our ranks, no?

Self-regret feelings, for my backing away from topics, JUST for the sake of some, because their mere mention turns them into irate mental cases, but I am and never have been, thanked nor recognized by them for my voluntary self-censorship.

Reminds me exactly why I find their ilk so annoying.

Reminds me what's wrong with broader social media generally. It's the same cancer.

At some point, nobody is going to give a fucking damn about retreating from what needs to be said for the sake of baby possibly having tantrums and throwing a rattle across the room.

It's coming. Many will lose their freaking minds, corrupt too-big corporations will retract their funding all in unison, and there will still be nobody willing to self-censor anymore.

And as the two-toed sloth once said,



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