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Girl Love: Navigate Between the Sheep & the Psycho

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, November 24 2022 at 04:23:38AM

Eeyop's Fables:


So this is a topic I know is highly treaded by some frequently, with headaches in some circles, but unfortunately rarely discussed.

The simple fact for our kind is, you are often treading new ground. Girl Lovers have "some" ground rules, but sometimes it is up to YOU or sometimes a team, to decide for the best benefit of all, what we truly represent.

(Don't fuck it up.)

While I trust most fellow girl lovers to do what they instinctively know to be right...

I also know there are two opposing influential forces who never cease to materialize absolutely everywhere:

1- There is the Sheep:

Whatever a girl lover's opinion may be, it must be supplanted by the opinion of the majority who are not us. Otherwise, you are the problem.

2- There is the Psychopath:

Any and ALL of your damned restrictions only prove your utter weakness. You are not one of us.

These two people are actually your goal posts.

Work within them, in accordance with your own heart. The result will show its success or failure by its own accord.

(A few other girl lovers knew this truth LONG before I ever stumbled upon it, but I get to seem awesome by saying it out loud.)


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