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It's western overlords, not really trans per se.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, November 24 2022 at 03:00:15AM
In reply to Modern trans agenda has ruined us posted by LGsouL on Tuesday, November 22 2022 at 6:59:47PM

Every other group besides us who feels they have a beef with western society is being spotlighted, bullhorned, and (critical) funded, with massive amounts of wealth that would make your head spin.. because western society allowed too few people to amass too much wealth in the recent past. This next part goes out to the capitalistas who now complain society is turning against a "free" or libertarian libertarian or moral or conservative mindset:

What the hell did you THINK was going to happen when you witnessed and supported all that shit during Reagan and 2 Bush terms? The wealth got amassed amongst a small group who were beholden to an even smaller group, whose own money goes back to before medieval times.

The will of the masses? HA! They believe they OWN the masses. We're all just flocks that they have allowed to procreate over many centuries, and they deem themselves to be our shepards, our sheerers, and our butchers when the time is right.

All these stupid fucking groups methodically educated and zombified to protest all that is traditional western society, and every last aspect of its culture, solidified into groupthink batallions with endless amounts of dark money thrown at them?

They are the symptom. I catch myself hating them "burning it all to the ground" at times myself, but I have to remind myself. They are not the actual pox on the West. Not even the autistic billionaire tech-dweebs are the REAL pox.

The true villians are a group whose numbers are actually rather few, who have amassed immense influence through unthinkably immense wealth, of a level most people do not even know exists. Elon? Pfft. Jeff B? Yeah, right.

The true villains of this planet make sure to stay in the shadows, and exert enough influence to make sure of it.

But yes... these symptoms of implosion of western society are still valid things to lament. It will not simply be changed for some grand notion of inclusivity. Society itself will be razed to the ground, and all these astro-turfed groups and their rank members don't have the slightest clue what pain and suffering they are actually bringing toward themselves as they somehow believe only the ones they have been trained to hate will be bearing the fallout of their smashing of the state.

I've lived amongst them. I spent many years as witness. Name them.. political extremists, sexual outcasts, racial tension stokers, feminists, what have you. Most of them are fucking clueless, and their leaders are usually psychopaths, but aren't most leaders.

But yes, I am extremely angry at the decision to go after "the children" on multiple fronts. However, I would say to follow the money trail and hate "those" people FAR more than their zombies.


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