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Take EXTREME issue w/strict daddy-daughter trope.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, November 19 2022 at 05:02:41AM

I feel there are other corners of the internets where this is being absolutely and continually pummeled into the minds of girl lovers. Nobody is fighting it, and that is a DIRE need to be addressed.

My fellow girl-lover friends, you do NOT need to silently accept this highly limited and coincidentally strictly incestual portrayal of girl love.

I would of course never dare step between a love between a father and daughter, but I am utterly SICK of there being no other relationship possibility.

In fact, there are many others: Brother-sister, uncle-niece, neighor-neighbor, cousin-cousin, coach-player, girlscout-cookie-seller-horny-purchaser, school-custodian-local-slutty-student, piano-teacher-eager-student, golf-instructor-saddle-shoe-golf-shoe girl, lifeguard-help-me-not-really-drowning-underage-damsel, etc. etc....

There is, somewhere, a strange obsessive fetish for strictly daddy-daughter encounters. It is NOT universal, and MUST be countered.

I feel this is not only wrong in its restrictiveness, but quite possibly part of an evil agenda in need of opposing voices.

So don't allow all your fantasies to be subjugated into a tired single trope with the word "daddy" in place of every other girl lover on the planet. We girl lovers are MANY different people and shades of types, but we are NOT strictly direct-relative-incest. FUCK THAT NARRATIVE RESTRICTION.

This love is by FAR not restricted to parent-child interactions, so don't allow it to be perceived as such. Fight for a more expansive identity!

Don't let these bastards limit our definition when it comes to girl love.

They are schemers! Rebuke them!


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