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Hunter at the Gynecologist

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, November 12 2022 at 10:44:54PM

So. Many, MANY a moon ago, I used to lurk at YT, often watching videos of girls showing off their feet. At that time, their algorithm was kind to me, as I sure it was to many. This was after they had already been acquired by Google, pretty sure.

I would be watching two girls painting their feet and talking about Jonas Bros, when the column to the right on the screen would beckon me. "You think you like this vid with 30,000 views? This other girl feet vid has nearly 3 MILLION views. Would you like to take a gander?"

Why, yes. I believe I would. Thank you, Google subsidiary.

Hence, my initial discovery of Hunter. She was an honest young athlete with exquisite feet. However, I think she was also a kid who was being used.... possibly by her mom, and definitely by a corporation.

Hunter at the Gynecologist is obviously a tongue in cheek title, but I think it hints at how superficial society and fame have become and are still on that same path. I guess what I am really trying to say is, there probably will be a Hunter at the Gynecologist before too long, especially if the future fictitious underage Hunter replacement was originally a male I suppose.

Regardless, I'm not liking the way kids are being pimped out for attention sought by their own superficial fame-seeking parents trying to live vicariously through them. This is wrong in theory, though probably often appreciated by me over the years in reality.

Sighh... those ever-competing scales. So challenging to decipher things when the system that demonizes your desires is itself turned into a dubious grand techno-facade.

Tread methodically, well-intended fellow girl lovers. I continue to fear the sudden open door to acceptance after the stairs already appear to lead steeply downward. Instinct tells me to watch for its inevitable appearance. Do not be fooled by easy bait, fellow GL's, no matter how much you bate. Never join losing teams already on their downward spiral. We will be mere tools to them only. I'm telling you all, watch for it. I sense its arrival sooner or later. Don't bite. Others will, and they will come to regret their own gullibility. Just one man's fear.

Back to clearnet vids. One of my legal expert friends recently told me over a drink that I might even have a lawsuit against the former "Do No Evil" mega-corporation, for contributing to my proclivity for underage podiatral deviances. Sort of like the drug dealer who offers you free stuff so you get hooked. I must look into that more.

OTOH, I lost my ability to view Hunter's exquisitely displayed feet a long time ago after a tragic technical incident. And I don't think she is properly recognized as the superstar she really was, in the anal's of girl lover history. Especially when so many fellow GL's I knew surprisingly also knew of her. No diss intended toward Hunter herself of course. She was more marvelous and magnificent than the time I invited an "M" to dinner.

It's all just such a very sad story all around, really. Thankfully, there was also much beauty.


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