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Our Holllywood doth sucketh so bad now.

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, November 07 2022 at 01:06:36AM

But then again, when you control entertainment influence, and you are gunning for an entirely diffurnt system, isn't that the point?

This gets me thinkin', bout guys in their 30's, now having serious discussions about things like superheroes.. like the chickenhawk & the twinkrh due to filament batman? NOT procreating sinister oblong The NEXT GENERATION photo of such great design.. and further....infuse others AFTER numbers go down and FIRE.. till you see the... oops, that came out too loud. Gender removal superheroes can be weaponized without grounded traditional both ways!

Entertainment is intentionally either alienating or depressive to any and all vestiges of those who value over-archies traditionality at all.


The banking elites purposely weaken and tank economies in order to promote that entirely diffurnt preferred-system as the preferred-savior from your very new troubles.

Big Media drums out the decades-long beat of crisis, with reasons for viewers and readers remaining fearful forever. their SHEEP already in mental pens.

Will it be beaten back? Will it cheat? Will it melt back into the population quietly, or will trees be watered?

I'm not a dog who keeps lapping up the same vomit fed to me with diffurnt seasonings. I don't like being underestimated in my thought, and I still don't trust people who speak as representatives for the future of the globe, especially when nearly all oddly possess strange Germanic inflections.

Are these things obvious to most these days, or is my mind clearer than I think it is for having not taken any jabs?

I am many an everyman. Where do I stand?

Sorry, my friend gave me this um.. "tincture" this afternoon.

It was s'posed to be for calm and rest. But at least my tongue has finally stopped bleeding. Well played, sleep tincture. Well played.


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