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Amy Schumer. Nobody likes her STOP repackaging her

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, November 03 2022 at 04:22:08AM

Quite a few years ago, I saw some sort of brilliant (to me, anyhow) animated clip, where some "star" was being sold to the public. As they were delivering their mediocre content to the audience, there were movers in the background, constantly changing the scene. No matter what they did to try to help said star, it didn't matter, because the "star" was the actual problem. It seemed so brilliantly poetic to me.

Nobody liked "the star". No amount of fiddling or repackaging was able to help.

I have a deep appreciation for many comedians. Some venture elsewhere into entertainment, and some do not. Doesn't matter to me. They give of themselves to make me feel better in life, and I love the ones who really get to me. The more I later learned about the dues they all pay just to earn recognition, the more impressed I became.

Somewhere in the northeast in the early 90's, my friends and I attended a comedy show at a place next to a mini-mall, lots of photos on the wall. Afterward, we went into the attached bar for a drink. Here we saw one of the comedians we paid to see earlier. It was so strange, because he was clearly miserable now, standing at the bar with a drink, and hitting on a few female customers, clutching some old hand-held "video" game which I also had owned.. baseball, with the red dots. Could have been from "Electro"... though that may have been my football game with the red dashes. Who knows.

He looked like a more famous comedian who later OD'd on pills in a hotel bed some years ago, but I doubt that was the same guy. In any case, my point is, there are dues to be paid in that business, probably some rather dark and lonely ones, making me all the more impressed that they still find a way to make people laugh.

This chick, however, just keeps getting new chances again and again, and it's not only funny to see her fail upward, but also sort of a head scratcher. Somebody out there REALLY wants her to be an influence on the public, and is willing to keep bankrolling it.

The public doesn't agree. Spend what you will, but she ain't gonna rise.

( Also, fuck her for smearing giggly Asian girls. I LIKE giggly Asian girls:p They're sure as hell cuter than Miss Piggy.)

Some of my most loved comedians are female, mostly with no political agenda. That's not their bag, baby. And I adore them for their genuine weirdness. They shine so much in their authenticity, and they make my belly hurt with laughter.

This one has some deep connections that seem to keep re-inventing her image, however.

For the love of god (a plea-ful and non-religious US northeast slang term) PLEASE stop repackaging Amy Schumer. If for nothing else, then for your own bottom line.

(This post was a not-reading-GC-posts day, due to time constraints. I have these at times, when I am seen posting yet not replying, something I accctually like to do.)


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