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I do understand old fears from elsewhere.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, November 02 2022 at 04:44:19AM
In reply to answer posted by griffith on Wednesday, November 02 2022 at 03:48:14AM

I really don't fully understand those fears. I never can. I only recognize that they still exist, and I can never fully know them, having not grown up in any of those places.

However, in Ukraine, there are things needing answers.

Why were weapons being placed there by the West when Ukraine was not even a NATO country?

Are the Russian fears of US bio-labs on their border, exempt from oversight, really true? I think there may be proof.

Russia gave the West plenty of warnings to back-off of their borders, which were summarily ignored. Any PhD-level western scholar of Russia would wince at this move. You DON'T approach Russia's immediate border with your chess pieces unless you are either a third-rate strategist, or simply itching for conflict because you think you have ultimate superiority and are willing to roll dice.

I do not have that PhD, but I still know it to be true anyway. There are mindless dolts with authority tempting nuclear fate right now, just for the gusto, and I am rather perturbed that they are in the positions they currently hold. I don't gain shit by their bluffs, nor their mathematical calculations, especially when Russia says this part of the world is worth their existence, while our side just has a few narcissists who want their vast natural resources.

I mean seriously, wherever you live.. Why would the US be so invested in taking control of this part of the planet?

I'm willing to show MY cards. It's because it's a strategic chess piece in taking over Russia itself, and eventually the planet.

The West has no precedent and NO FUCKING BUSINESS meddling in Ukraine.

It's our out-of-control WEF globalists and their strange nazi accents who keep thrusting us toward conflict and disaster for their narcissistic dream of global domination. They are sick, and we need to reveal their equally sick plots.

You don't see this, and I am sorry about that, for you are apparently someone of note, which I am not personally privy to. But that is more or less my viewpoint on that war.


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