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The solution

Posted by Gimwinkle on Sunday, October 30 2022 at 10:20:37PM
In reply to Math autists - sounds like your specialty. posted by Eeyore on Sunday, October 30 2022 at 9:45:12PM

Betty was sleeping with Ed (1) so they can’t be father and daughter. George was sleeping with Ed’s daughter (5) so that could not be Betty and therefore George could not be Betty’s father. Frank was sleeping with George’s daughter (4) so that couldn’t be Betty, either. This left only Harry to be Betty’s father.

Dorothy was sleeping with Alice’s father (4) which could not be Harry and Alice was sleeping with Carol’s father (2) which could not be Harry, either. So, Harry and Carol were sleeping together.

This leaves Alice and Dorothy sleeping with either Frank or George (two possibilities only).

If Alice was sleeping with George, then Ed would have to be Alice’s father. Or, if Alice was sleeping with Frank, then George would have to be Alice’s father. This means that Frank cannot be Alice’s father. This leaves either George or Ed to be Alice’s father.

Dorothy, then, can only be sleeping with George or Ed but, since Betty was sleeping with Ed (1) then Dorothy was sleeping with George and George as Alice’s father. That leaves Frank sleeping with Alice. Since Alice and Frank were sleeping together, that means that Frank has to be Carol’s father and Ed as Dorothy’s father.

Alice is George’s daughter sleeping with Frank, Betty is Harry’s daughter sleeping with Ed, Carol is Frank’s daughter sleeping with Harry, and Dorothy is Ed’s daughter sleeping with George.

And nobody was sleeping with me..


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