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Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, October 30 2022 at 00:27:13AM
In reply to DDos attacks posted by luckless on Friday, October 28 2022 at 06:29:40AM

Meh, I'm not exactly concerned, just annoyed. I suppose attacks could be the cause. It's a little cheesy to do a Brave Search and be asked to do a captcha every time.

Companies who charge themselves with protecting privacy, like for the benefit of free speech globally... well, they shouldn't also be invested in political positions. Or be cavortin' with outfits like DARPA, apparently. I shouldn't be surprised.

Just.. these unnecessary activism side-trips create a rather slippery slope, like many slopes have proven to be these days.

Mozilla was (or still is?) poisoning itself in similar ways, taking political positions that not only alienate some in the short term, but can become liabilities when the ideas go corrupt. It just never leads to anything as righteous over time, as it would seem to the eager young beavers at the start. Mind you, I love young beavers.

Look at the beginnings of the internet itself, for instance. It was going to level the playing field for the common man, not morph into a tool for spying, data mining, social manipulation and technocratic control.

What were we talking about? Oh, tell me the alternative in the chat. Thanks.


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