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Nooo! Don't disappoint me.

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, October 24 2022 at 04:48:15AM
In reply to Please, spare me posted by LGsouL on Sunday, October 23 2022 at 11:48:58PM

I was hoping there was a new trend setter to check out. He just looks like a high school girl from the 1950's. I was hoping to see high pigtails with ribbons, hairy-legged schoolgirl skirts, and one of those gigantic swirly lollipops.

Lolis with full beards and adult boyfriends who claim to be pedo. It's gonna be a thing soon, I can feel it.

Because they're coming for us too, noble girl lovers. Nobody is safe from this crazy train to fluidity town. Somebody's been at war with the West for decades, and waging it without bullets so we wouldn't notice. We may accidentally have covid and kids taking online classes from home to thank for opening some parental eyes.

Home School Your Kids!


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