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Posted by griffith on Tuesday, October 18 2022 at 8:40:29PM

Just think that humans have been watching the same moon for -- hundreds of thousands of years! And when you are looking at the Moon, you never know who else it looking at it at the same moment.

Oe no Chisato, around the year 850:

Tsuki mireba
Chiji ni mono koso
Kanashi kere
Waga mi hitotsu no
Aki ni wa aranedo.

"Seeing the moon, somehow I become extremely melancholic, and I even feel as if the autumn has come only for me, though I know it's not so."


THIS night the cheerless autumn moon
Doth all my mind enthrall;
But others also have their griefs,
For autumn on us all
Hath cast her gloomy pall.

I once read that some non-Finn once said that the Finnish translation/version below is remarkably successful in comparison to many others translations, but I don't remember any more who it was and how (s)he could say it without knowing Finnish. Anyway I love this compact translation most:

Katselen kuuta,
joka tuhannet murheen
polut valaisee,
ja tiedän etten ole
syksyssä yksinäni.


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