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That's one of the things I enjoy about kids

Posted by girls_are_kittens on Thursday, October 13 2022 at 6:54:13PM
In reply to I remember. posted by Eeyore on Saturday, October 08 2022 at 04:06:19AM

Even most boys are more enjoyable to be around than most of the adults I run into. Kids are more accepting in general. I might struggle with being social, but kids don't mind. They tend to just enjoy having someone around who will pay attention to them and treat them like a person. Sadly, that's the thing that gets you scrutinized by adults. That was more or less the reason that I no longer am on speaking terms with Lexi's family, though I don't wish to go into details beyond the fact that parents who don't even pay attention to their own kids get really upset when you're being kind to their children and treating them like human beings. But those events were long ago and I've moved on.

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