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I'd still hate Hollywood even if full Armageddon,

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, October 11 2022 at 04:18:34AM


At least I will be able to rest easy in my shallow radioactive grave knowing that the generally upstanding Scott Baio got to bang the living hell out of that teen Eggert gal on Charles In Charge from my super-horny 80's/early 90's era (well before she blew up like a freakin' balloon after that lifeguard show). I recorded and paused her on so many VHS tapes for my young filthy fantasies I can't even remember! Maybe even as much as that Who's The Boss? chick who went bonkers later (and really, who we kiddin', don't they all?).

I was proud of Scott, especially that she was all about it and he didn't even have to convince her or pressure her like producers. Joni may have loved Chachi, but Chachi knew what was the good stuff, I say!

But honestly, in my mind, *I* was Charles. Even though I was older than her just like he was, she was still uppity and snooty like she usually was in the show, rolling her sexy eyes at me, telling me "Ugh! You're doing it wrong, Eeyore (er, I mean, Charles!)" Then she'd take over as top and show me the correct way, ('cept she didn't know I had covertly ditched the condom and hid it under the pillow during the position shift).

Sometimes in the fantasy, that little sister of hers, Josie, who in spite of her mediocre acting skills was sorta underrated in the looks department, would catch us and threaten to tell on us if we didn't let her be part of things as well. OH NO!

Ohh, the hardship of being paid to babysit two taboo blond sisters. Sigh...

I think Scott was and is a good dude. He never banged the other one in any RL threesome. I totally did in my mind. Hello? I think that's called restraint? Something Hollywood will never have, especially when the cameras are off.


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