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Many cities. only some caused by your presumption.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, September 28 2022 at 06:53:34AM
In reply to Aleppo posted by sadlife on Wednesday, September 28 2022 at 00:56:41AM

I heard Allepo was once a place repeatedly visited by some famous western writer, though I can't remember whom. Some famous hotel there.

Odessa, I am sorry to say, if my geography is correct (me being someone too lazy to go check), may be a little remaining piece of coastline for Ukraine, though I believe it stands between Crimea and another Russian enclave in neighboring Moldova. Seems to predict some things. Odessa is an ancient city indeed.

There were places along the north African coast which were hugely important in ancient times, long gone in terms of any major relevance today.

Persia? Today's Iran. Incredibly important historically. Seen like a toilet by the West now, after they threw off our shah-shackles. Never been a fan of them, but I get why they express belligerence toward our regions. They did not achieve historical greatness by being backward and stupid. They are punished for many years now, by daring to embarrass the US back in the 80's, and not falling to the subsequent bloody war with Iraq, which was bankrolled by the US (before we created our costly Saddam headache as a result).

Ur. One of the oldest cities of Babylon, currently Iraq. I don't remember why it's important, only that it is extremely ancient, so ancient that it only has two letters.

Teotihuacan. Long ago I had to watch a video for an undergrad class on this Mexican site, narrated by Stacy Keach. Apparently there were some great cities down in that part of the world, greater than anyone can imagine, prior to the Spanish takeover, delivering human sacrifices to the gods when the corn crop was dismal in the crappy local soil. Later, Stacy got nailed for doing coke, and still later, Mel Gibson made Apocalypto, and so now, it doesn't get mentioned quite as much.

Atlantis. I believe Plato mentions this "mythical" place in terms of firsthand stories delivered to him by sailors, but my memory is foggy and I will never claim to be a scholar. They had flying machines or somesuch. Also, Plato buggered young boys between his lectures, so as a girl lover, I don't know for sure if he was telling the truth.

Hope that helps.


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