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Child love always helps

Posted by Rainbowloom on Wednesday, September 28 2022 at 01:26:29AM
In reply to Aleppo posted by sadlife on Wednesday, September 28 2022 at 00:56:41AM

There is nothing more endearing than a human child, and nothing more helpful to the child, the person giving the love, and everyone else around them than loving that child.

Let us not dwell too much on whether this love could ever be sexual. It doesn't matter.

It shouldn't be sexual, in the world we live in now, I know you and I agree.

I am not identifying as a pedophile these days, strictly a child lover. That's not ignorant, it's the truth. I'm romantically attracted to little girls but sexually attracted to adults. I would never have sex with a child. My dick gets hard when I think about a young girl naked, and I masturbate, but I would never submit the child to all of society's expectations around sex or its consequences and I don't want to.

I would fall in love with her as a young girl and then get married and do it when she's an adult. The definition of adult may vary. By today's standards it's usually something like 18.

In true love, age doesn't matter. So why not wait until everyone else says it's okay, they probably have a good reason. And right now, the child in question doesn't (typically) lack anything in particular because I do not have sex with her, nor do I lack. Not truly.

But as child lovers, we exude love for children and they exude love right back, and this leads to special moments and such, and are those moments not the true meaning of life?

Am I really lacking something because I can't have sex with a child?


If I did then that would make me a pedophile, but I decided I don't so I'm not.

But a child lover and a girl lover all the same.

But yeah, child love always helps, it is never an indicator of decline.


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