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Amazing Girl. Incredibly Present, Soo Mad At Self!

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, September 24 2022 at 04:40:47AM
In reply to Love Julia Butters :) posted by CatcherintheRye on Sunday, September 18 2022 at 9:33:34PM

And nice nic dustoff.

Once again, she's already passed those years of wonder for me before I discover her.

I guess that's what happens when one checks out from Hollywood and ALSO doesn't see any OTHER GL's mentioning which LG's were making a legitimate fame-buzz. >:(

I've seen more episodes of her now, and am dumbfounded how someone who looks so young is so sharp, present, and (as said in my other post) so situationally aware. I've never personally seen that, at that early an age. Is she just a premature baby who looks younger than her actual age? No, I think not. She exemplifies what I've always wished LG's could be at a mental level, just not showing it in the exact way I'd prefer. Comedy requires a little faulty logic after all, but it also provides a "filter bypass" for an intelligence level not yet generally accepted (no idea if she's actually that smart or just highly trained in acting skills).

Yes, I wanted to see that film you mentioned myself, got sucked in by the Bob Seeger song I had not heard before. Unfortunately, since the demise of the bay of pirates years ago, I have no known way to watch things for free as I prefer. I doubt my library system provides it either. Ah, well. I will see it one day. Not surprised she got sucked into the bigtime. Hopefully they don't gender-bend her with David Bowie outfits by her early teens. I don't chance to search-engine any recent photos, because I already know I will be totally disappoint. No straight underage girl is safe from the Hollywood sisterhood if they want to keep working in that town. Strictly-dickly disappears by puberty there these days. I'd rather remember Anna-Kat in her long pigtails, hugging a stuffed animal.


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