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yeah, might never. I got it. But she's WONDERFUL!

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, September 23 2022 at 05:32:59AM
In reply to Enjoy it while it lasts posted by hierophant on Friday, September 23 2022 at 00:18:19AM

The one-day king kid? To be totally honest, seems a bit of a just-going-through-the-expected-motions dick. (Is it allowed to call little boys dicks in the pejorative? I submit such early learners are fair game.) I cannot tell if it is due to restrained resentment of what is expected of him, or simply an imbued learned arrogance, but the impression is a demeanor of boredom which I do not trust. Not a good impression, but still at a point where it could be corrected with expressions of humility. Good thing I'm not a citizen of the UK, so my opinion doesn't matter.

Charlotte, however.. with no expected major future role, seems allowed a bit of free range. We witness a little more true personality with fewer imposing corrections, and more honest insight into family and fabled heritage. To see a little girl raised in an environment where she feels safe and loved, is in her essence really the same no matter her background, and is, I argue, comma, quite a revealed treat. For a girl lover, or at least for one girl lover, it is something to marvel at and contemplate. Everyone is merely human before they are molded, and Charlotte is surely not of a lizard brood nor ancestrally related to Dracula (still need to see a closeup of her canines to be sure).

I will totally refute all of this adoration should she later turn into a post-pubertal harlot, an unfortunate rhyme with her name and distinct possibility if recent UK royal family history be the bookie, but for now I feel safe to adore and celebrate her innocent and proper wonder. Don't let me down, German house of Windsor!


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