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Partial answer

Posted by griffith on Friday, September 09 2022 at 06:52:36AM
In reply to Or ponds apart. posted by Eeyore on Friday, September 09 2022 at 03:46:03AM

My nieces are middle-aged, even my grandnieces are already young adults.

Yes, this niece is not stupid, but in terms of pure intelligence I'm on a very different level, and she looks up to me. In the beginning of the corona pandemia she once said that you should not fear covid: just stand on your head and meditate. Hehe.

I may or may not answer your message later, but what is the point? People have their opinions, they don't change them. I am somewhat anti-American, but if I should choose between Putin's Russia and America, I would choose... EUROPE.

Putin is Stalin's soulmate, and Hitler and Stalin were two or the worst dictators in the last century. Do you think that Putin cares about an ordinary Russian? He is a dictator, a psychopath, all he cares about is his own position: he must cling to the power with all his strength or else he must meet the fate of the ousted dictators and pay for his deeds.

You live far from Putin, you don't understand what it is to live near his regime.

Right now I cannot concentrate on answering, I must save my efforts for this -- the paragraph that begins "And the new good idea that I found some time ago created a problem somewhere else..." I must solve that problem, it is all that matters to me now.


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