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2002 09 07 mgm post

Posted by Hajduk on Thursday, September 08 2022 at 00:53:39AM

Yes the male version is worse:

> rarely botched
If an unnecessary surgery is performed, rarely is too much.

This is for penile cancer:

This is for HIV:
Oh wait the cutting USA ranks with cutting countries in Africa! Despite greater access to OMG condoms.

Ability to orgasm is affected if you remove nerves:

> sexual violence
May I be un PC?
High cutting countries rank the highest, and in Europe:
Oh wait, groups who cut have higher sexual violence rate! Who would have thought?

> worse than rape
Most rapists do not mutilate. All MGM mutilates. Rapists who also mutilate or murder get worse sentences. Cutters get paid for the same thing even if the baby dies.

There goes also the "minor surgical procedure" lie:

> not sexual
What part of genitalia is not sexual? That is news to me.

> saved lives
Show me one life saved as I have shown you many lives ended.


> I'm fine with both
Then I really wonder how you can call yourself a child lover if you think children must be forcefully and irreversibly modified. There are people who dig big butts. It would be a crime if they forcefully performed butt enlarging surgery on others. Are you fine with foot binding? Tattooing a minor is illegal almost everywhere: yet many minors choose to be tattooed; and in professional settings lidocaine is administered, and the wound is given anti infection agents.

I will just leave this other link, also below.

• ( https link ) Click me

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