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Posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, September 06 2022 at 11:07:26AM
In reply to Any working alcoholics out there? posted by sadlife on Tuesday, September 06 2022 at 01:23:40AM

I never really did, although I drink a lot less alcohol than I used to. Right after I became drinking age I was at beer bars every week day and didn't drink only one.

I don't think there is a magic bullet.

For me some of it is that although I retain the ability to drink a lot and not get drunk, my hangovers are now more frequent and stronger for the same amount of alcohol. So a cost benefit analysis of how I feel has acted. Another recommendation I have found useful, although it really varies from person to person, is to instead buy expensive alcohol. People who buy the cheapest can drink more regardless if they are very poor, poor, middle or upper class, than people who buy expensive brands.

I can buy enough hard alcohol to get drunk for 2 dollars, and then I can buy several two dollar bottles, or large bottles of the same brands for still relatively little. Or I can buy high range hard alcohol for 100 dollars or even more and then I am broke and cannot meet other basic needs. So a way to drink less is actually to drink more expensively. At least for me. At least hard alcohol. Beer which isn't craft or international, and wine which isn't too fancy, are still comparatively cheap.

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