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Seethe harder.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, August 31 2022 at 04:51:45AM
In reply to pot calling the kettle????? posted by starlet_Luver on Monday, August 29 2022 at 7:28:40PM

Apparently I seriously piss you off for some secret reason you've never been able to openly admit publicly, nor privately for that matter. Considering my not so informed belief that I think you run an entire website on the topic of girl love, I must now admit it's always been just a little bit cringe, this seething need to declare that you do not approve of my posts on a semi-regular basis. Apparently your view of my status is infinitely larger than my own self-image ever was or ever will be, which nevertheless will never stop me from expressing myself. From an out-of-the-loop perspective, my feelings of you are ones of oddity and needful ego-boosting, while your lips are frequently likely in need of a wet-wipe in the case of your interactions with others you presume to have some sort of online sway or power (a concept which is itself ridiculous in our realm), but draw you in ways which I do not.

I am sorry from the very bowels of my heart, that I insulted you by referring to you by a lower-case "s" with an upper-case "L" once. It used to be one of your nics here, and since it bugs you, I will of course use it again should I ever reply to you again.

I'm sorry you hate me so. I do honestly love LG's in the same "hated" ways as you. I wish you luck with your default landing place, now that GC is more or less kaput. I know it represents your world. The online realm is obviously of some importance to my expression of ideas, clearly, and I, too have other places where I am able to develop an identity, though not merely extract one. I know this is surely the case for you as well.

Good luck to you, sL, whatever it is that motivates you. I hope you find peace, and I am sorry for whatever post it was that I unknowingly hurt you with to cause such recurring seethe:/


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