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❀One's lost panties = Another person's treasure∰✜۵

Posted by Children First! on Thursday, August 18 2022 at 9:22:05PM

I must admit that I have an interest in stimulating my olfactory system with anything that I find delightfully erotic that will quickly trick my brain into thinking the biologically-feminine sex is nearby.

My interest in erotic fragrances is considerably fetishistic (olfactophilia), where I find myself highly turned on by the scent of used/worn panties or other articles of clothing -- such as girl's socks.

Yes, this would indicate that I am a podophile too -though for the record, no, I am not an obsessively-sick pervert or sex-addicted nymphomaniac. I am actually somewhat asexual, believe it or not. Porn intellectually disturbs me most of the time, I literally don't like sleeping with women in bed, and it is easy for me to go a few days without noticing that I haven't masturbated at all. I like what I like in the certain ways and amounts that I do and I have no shame in my game about it -especially in the realm of Visions of Alice. I guess I can say that for the amount of sexuality I do have, I believe it is in good taste - a measurement of quality, not quantity - which I believe is actually a normal phenomenon, and not truly abnormal. At least I know as a member here that I can feel say I am a pedophile, pedophilia is normal or a gift, and nobody is going to want to debate such a statement. I may plead to consider myself sane and normal (though certainly not ordinary) about my sexual drives, yet I am aware that convincing everyone about it is not an easy mission to accomplish. If you disagree, all I can say is Thank You! for making me special in my own way.

Luckily... as a frequent pedestrian who enjoys walking around... I have been able to find over a couple dozen pairs of panties to help me get royally turned on and enhance my masturbation rituals. Usually, I find such used underwear on sidewalks next to roads, where after finding so many as I have, I think it would be safe to assume that females (mostly older ones) love to take their underwear off while in cars and simply throw it out the window. Your guess would be as good as mine as to why women are actually doing this, but nonetheless, it is a thing and I am the happy guy that sometimes finds them. Tee hee (!)

I never, and will never, buy used underwear from a female online.
F★ck that - buying used undies takes all the fun out of life... 2 E Z.
The journey -the hunt- is just as fun as reaching the destination - or eating some of that freshly barbecued mammoth you recently speared.

The shape of underwear has become fetishized in my brain too, but really, it's just that earthy, sweaty, girl-cum smell I desire...

*Imagines white and yellow girl-cum stains on panties and begins to drool*

One time, at a park that I walk through about once a week, I discovered a pair of little girls' underwear in a trash can that were thrown away because the girl pooped into them -a tiny, tiny bit. Inspecting the evidence, I believe what caused the underwear to be thrown out was that the girl wearing them directly itched/fingered her butthole from the outside the panties, soiling them with her brown
anal-lipstick that was still contained from within the cylindrical perimeter of her butthole.... then, got grossed out once she noticed what kind of stinky little mess she made - being scatologically-phobic of her own fecal matter. Or, if it was not disgust, it was reasoned by total embarrassment or fear that made her do it. She may have wanted to hide the underwear from her parents who do her laundry (the underwear was size 6, which means she was approximately 5-7 years old... so definitely young enough to not have the responsibility to do her own laundry). Either way, I definitely kept those panties, and even though I have thrown away most of my collection of feminine undergarments over the years, I have kept that one pair, in an airtight bag. A fantastically-awesome find... and incredibly rare (as someone who isn't a father to any girls in the same household....)

Yes, even though I don't know who wore the underwear that I have found (majority of the time), it still smells pleasant, and therefore it is beautiful in its own way which is worth coveting.

*Imagines anal-lipstick stains on panties and begins to drool*

I like the smell of girl's sweat so much -all the way from the head down to the cute little crevices of their toes- that I have purchased synthetic/fake sweat-smell spray-mist from Japan. The fragrance it provided and attempted to imitate was of no particular aspect of a female's physical body or functionality. Not the feet cheesiness, anal funkiness, or pussy tanginess. Simply girl.

The stuff worked like a charm and I got off using it until there wasn't a drop left in the bottle.

Honestly though, there are certain smells that remind me of a girl that are more pleasurable than others that are available through the capitalistic market. It doesn't always have to be the smell of a bodily fluid that turns on my excitement and arousal switches.
There are certain perfumes available that are more pleasurable than the smell of fake Japanese school girl (which can also be more expensive and harder to find).... and since not all perfumes/colognes/body mists/deodorants etc. are the same, a specific perfume/etc. that you like and then get the chance to smell again after a period of time will probably not only bring you back to thoughts and memories of a specific person and/or place, but cause you to return to an aspect of time as well. Bottled fragrances can work like a time machine and can cause nostalgia.

What needs to be said however after such a statement is that the smell of girl sweat from any part of her body may not help to bring me back in time like a plethora of perfumes can do, but the smell of girl sweat and girl cum certainly turns me on the most, and therefore is the winner of all smells, because some things in our human brains remain hardwired forever to be enjoyed as they originally were intended to since the beginning of our evolution.

Girl sweat was the first real perfume, after all.

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