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It is common knowledge.

Posted by Hajduk on Wednesday, August 10 2022 at 5:42:15PM
In reply to Recently Eeyore and I decided that anything goes posted by luckless on Wednesday, August 10 2022 at 0:09:07PM

There, I said it.

Nothing incriminating. I have had LGFs who were into self stimulation as prepubescent girls. Then either they told me at the time, or told me years later, or someone close to them told me that they had been caught -- usually rather randomly so, and not from compulsive behavior, but whatever. That is enough evidence for me even though in all cases it is hearsay.

A woman, a few years older than myself, between 2 and 4 I think, whom I knew when we both were adults told me that when she was a prepubescent child she fooled around with a peer aged girl who was her schoolmate, at the other girl's proposition and encouragement. They would go nude in front of one another, took a few showers together, and slept a few times together. The other girl asked to touch her There and she said yes. Later the other girl asked for a reciprocal act, and she accepted to do it. From what she told me, even though it was basically the other girl's idea, the other girl was always more interested in it, and it lasted maybe a year or less, both girls took a liking to these activities, and both girls would find it pleasurable, and both girls would get wet. This ended organically when they lost interest in continuing to do it, but they were never caught.

Still, this is the best evidence I have even as it is also hearsay.

So yes, girls wet.

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